Jonathan Aerospace Materials Corp.
Springfield Oregon Office
736 Fourth Street, Suite #23
Springfield OR, 97477

Our office is in the Washburn Apartments  building complex on the corner of 4th Street and F Street..   Unit # 23 is on the first floor, in building #3 .  Parking is available both  on the street in front of the building, and in the parking lot behind the building.  Use the marked Guest Parking spots.
Meet The Team
Jonathan Priluck
Founder and CEO
Mr. Priluck started the company in his garage in 1993.  He has remained continuously involved with management right up to the present.  In 2013, Mr. Priluck relocated to the Pacific Northwest, for personal reasons having nothing to do with the company.  This brought him closer to Seattle and Los Angeles, two major hot spots of Aerospace Technology.
Steve Fleischmann
Sales&Marketing Director
Steve Fleischmann has been with the company almost from day one.  He has over 40 years of expereince in direct sales and in markleting.  He was responsible for helping to raise approximately $1.5 Million in first round private equity investment.  Today, Steve is the main company representative in Los Angeles, where he lives and works.
Ulf Dunberger
East Coast Technical  Rep
Ulf Dunberger has been involved in one capacity or another since before the company was even incorporated.  He has a diverse technical background wihich includes Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Nanotechnology.  His role today is to provide a technical point of contact for interested parties on the East Coast of the United States - New England in particular.
Ethan Priluck
Stereo-lithography Specialist
Ethan Priluck helped his Brother to found JAMCOPRP and ran his own venture in the field of Biomedical Modeling.  He has deep knowledge of the history and technology that has made 3D Printing so prevalent today.  He was amongst the very first to bring the potential of 3D printing to worldwide public awareness.  He did this by helping Doctors to save the life of  conjoined twins from Gautemala.  He provided them with a solid biomodel on which  to practice the surgical procedure .
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.