LBM Production Methods

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There are at least seven different basic manufacturing processes for making Lattice Block Material.  Each method has different advantages that depend on your application.   Some are good for plastic, some for metal, some are better suited for high volume production than others.
          Sand Cast LBM - Large metal parts, in most any metal, except titanium.
          Investment Cast LBM - Small to medium size, complex  parts, in any metal.
          Die Cast LBM - High volume parts, in low melting temperature metals.
          Injection Molded LBM - For high volume, production in plastic.
          MicroPerf(TM) LBM - For very small scale, very tight geometry, in metal.
          Assembled LBM - For extremly large parts only; ship/aircraft structures.
          3-D Printinted LBM - For a wide range of low cost prototyping needs. 
Photo Descriptions Beginning From Top Left  Moving Accross Then Down
Photo #1
          Shows the tooling that produces the sand cores which make up the majority of an LBM  sand casting mold.  The tool shown here was used to help produce the part shown in the last photo.
Photo #2
           Shows a close up of MicroPerf(TM) LBM.  We can see the geometry is always the same; only scale, node spacing, and element diameter vary.
Photo #3
          This is a studio shot of plastic LBM in red, black, and transparent plastics.
Photo #4
          This is a studio shot of LBM Space Communications Laser Aiming Mirrors.  Cast out of the alloy "Invar," electroplated in 99.99% silver for reflectivity, then diamond coated to protect against microscopic space debris.
Photo #5
          This s an aluminium, investment cast strut, for an aerospace application.
Photo #6
           This is an LBM sand casting being poured at a qualified foundry facility.
Photo #7
          This is a collection of plastic LBM parts and configurations for numerous different product, and product ideas we worked on over the years.
Photo #8
          This is the largest LBM part that has ever gone into full scale prodution.  It is a six foot long, two foot wide, eight inch deep, wing section for an undisclosed USAF fighter plane.


The fastest and easiest way to get into production with your LBM concepts and ideas is to let us help you outsource your production.  We have a vast network of small to medium sized companies in the New England area.  These companies are already familiar and experienced with the production of LBM and components containing integrated LBM structures.  They service all seven production methods, so it makes no difference if you need plastic or metal, simple or complex, small or large, we have someone that can take care of you. 
If you have a truly massive production issue, and need to produce more than 10,000 parts a week, we have partnerships with major automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the Detroit area.  If we vet your project, and conclude that you are a sereious candidate for say Ford or GM,  then we can introduce you to them and help get you started with their new product development teams.  Similarly for Aerospace and Ship Building, we can make the proper introductions to Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Litton Industries, Bath Iron Works, and the like.


If you want to set up for production in your own facilitiy, there are a few different options.  You can license the Patent Rights from us, and figure it all out on your own.  This is the cheapest approach..... maybe?  Of course, you will probably end up re-inventing the wheel and making a lot of costly mistakes that could easily be avoided.  But we also understand there is real value in the learning experience, and that some simply prefer it this way.
You can also let us help you set up for production.  This may appear more expensive initially, ultimately it is not.  Only the one-time, up-front costs, are increased.  This option you will get you a better deal on the license rights, becuase we know that we are building a long term business relationship.  We will send LBM Production Experts to your factory and work with your entire staff to make sure you are successful.  Rates and pricing are flexible and negotiable.  If need be, we can even accomodate you on an hourly rate basis.


This is a middle of the road option that combines some features of the two strategies above.  You will select one or more of your key employees and we will give them a 3-5 day intensive trainig course in LBM Manufacturing and Production.   The cost of the course depends on how many people you want to send and what skills and background knowledge they bring with them.  The more they know, the less it will cost.  You cover your own travel expenses, which are not included.
We generally reccomend sending just your Senior Production Manager and one of your best Engineers.  You don't have to buy any license rights until after you begin production.   If your people take the course, and then you decide it's really not for you, we will refund 25% of the course fee as a gesture of goodwill.  Our hope is that in the future you may come accross a product opportunity involving LBM, and  you will decide to move forward with a licensing option then.


With this approach you rely on our expertise rather than building up your own.  The advantage here is that we have 30 years of expereince which we can put to use on your behalf.   No matter how smart or well trained your peolple are, it is doubtful they can match our level of know-how with regards to this new LBM Materials and Manufactruing Technology.  We've simply been at it for too long for that to happen. 
We actually reccomend this approach becuase in the long run it is the most cost effective way to do things.  Our rates are $2000 per man per day, or $8000 per man per week.  This price is fully inclusive.  There is no additional costs to you for travel, lodging, car rental, and other incidentals.  The daily rate pays for everything, including our airfare to come see you.   When we are done with our visit, we will deliver an extensive written report, with our conclusions and reccomendations, regarding if, when, and how you should proceed.